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Victor Barredo, MD Reviews

Dr. Barredo is an amazing, compassionate, and thorough doctor. He successfully treated me for Guillian Barre because of his quick action and thorough knowledge of the syndrome. I highly recommend him for any neurological issue.
- Karen D.

Excellent and very professional neurological entity. First quality medical place.
- Edmundo Z.

A God send doctor to human beings! I owe my life to this man. The time and care he gave me saved my life. He knew what my problem was, diagnosed me correctly and saved me. He is such a caring man and spends so much time just listening that it makes having him as a doctor that much more important! I would recommend him to anyone that needed an excellent neurologist.
- Christine B.


Bruce Kohrman, MD Reviews

Excellent. Explains my condition and treatment. Listens to me and inspires confidence. Highly recommend.
- Robert

Super office and staff. Been my Doctor for 5 years. Love this office. no complaints AT ALL!!!
- MG

Amazing Doctor. Took his time to diagnose everything to me. Very happy patient right here
- BI


Javier Lopez, MD

Dr. Lopez has been my neurologist since my brain tumor surgery 4 years ago and all I have is respect, love and gratitude for his care. He has made a very difficult journey tolerable by listening to our needs and planning a care around it. He is a caring human being that puts empathy into his practice. Recommend him 100%. Following up on other posts, be patient with his staff they will come through.
- Luis R.

Dr.Lopez is amazing! I recommend him 100% to anyone with no reservation. I had some testing done with the tech Chris, he was also extremely personable and knowledgeable. I wouldn’t go elsewhere.
- Michelle M.

Great doctor and office staff. very gentle and supportive. highly recommend.
- JR


Simon Starosta-Rubinstein, MD

Dr. Simon Starosta-Rubinstein is an amazing Doctor. Given his professional reputation and medical success, everyone wants to be his patient. It's no surprise that he is incredibly busy - between his calls @the hospital and his regular patients, I have witnessed him and his team work nonstop with incredible patience and attentiveness to each of his patients . Regardless of what is happening, from 7 am until 8 pm and even later, no matter what time your appointment is, he treats his patients with the utmost attention and makes each one feel as if they are the only patient he will see that day. Neurology is not an easy profession - and he has the education, patience, experience and kind heart to make his patients feel better. He is a miracle worker - and and incredibly kind hearted person. He has been instrumental to our family. God Bless Dr. Starosta, we are thankful he is our doctor.
- Cigdem D.

What a fantastic doctor and wonderful, caring human being! Dr. Statists has been treating my wife for major seizures for the past six years. We drive 175 miles one-way for each semiannual visit. Our confidence in Dr Starosta, and our regard for his skills and the personal attention he provides is so high that we do this gladly. He is one of a kind. We love him.
- Thomas N.

Dr Simon Starosta is one of the best doctors my father has seen fro parkinsons. He is knowledgeable, smart, experienced, sharp, but more than anything, he is a wonderful human being. All my gratitud to the Dr and his staff for the way they have treated my father.
- Morris Harrar


A. Pandey, MD

I was most pleased with Dr. Panday. The wait took a while but it was worth it as he spent time with me and was quite thorough. After undergoing an EMG and NCV (muscle and nerve studies), I went back for review which we discussed. I have been going to physical therapy regularly. I have been improving and still work with Dr. Panday as to my progress, options and medications. We even discussed herbal medicines regarding another medical issue that I have and appreciated his input.
- Dulce W.

Dr. Ajay Pandey was a pleasant gentleman and a great doctor, who explained all my problems in a simple language. Great overall experience.
- Sunil B.

Highly knowledgeable. Showed lot of concern and empathy.
- Niket B.


Christopher Jimenez, MD

I took my mother to see him yesterday. I was very impressed to his attention to details and how caring he was. He took his time to listen and to review my mothers records. I strongly recommend him.
- Maria D.


Came to see Dr.Jimenez Christopher with my girlfriend and it was a very pleasant experience, he took his time to go over every detail, over all of our concerns and he showed us the true nature of a good doctor in every way, not everyone practice good medicine now a days but he definitely does. When it comes to the brain this men in the Michael Jordan of it.
- Julio C.

Loved this doctor. Extremely thorough. Very knowledgeable. Explained everything in detail. Took all the time he needed and allowed me to explain all my concerns without rush. Great bedside manner. Recommend him 100%!
- Maria C.


South Miami Neurology is the leading neurology group in South Florida. Our office is located at 7000 SW 62nd Avenue, Suite 300, South Miami, FL 33143. Our neurologists specialize in a variety of neurological conditions including Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, epilepsy, migraines, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, sleep disorders, neuropathy, strokes, neuromuscular disorders, neuro-ophthalmology, and more. We have patients from South Miami, Miami, Miami Beach, Kendall, Doral, Coral Gables, Palmetto Bay, Homestead, Pinecrest, as well as other South Florida communities. Please call 305-665-6501 to make a neurological appointment.

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